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WOLFE are one of Europe’s largest stockists & distributors of airframe material and rotable components for most Boeing and Airbus aircraft type.
WOLFE Quality
WOLFE offers confidence in its Quality Assurance Processes and Material
WOLFE operate a Lloyds Register Certified BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Assurance programme.
WOLFE personnel have a 100% track record in airline and MRO QA Audit success.
It is a benchmark which WOLFE are justly proud of in the industry.


Latest news : 01-10-2015

Wolfe are pleased to announce the merger with its sister company WH Aeronautical LTD. All tooling and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) will now be under the Wolfe umbrella. Wolfe have been a supplier of tooling, test equipment and GSE for a number of years and the merger will further strengthen Wolfe's capabilities. Stock includes Houchin 690 GPU, tow and baggage tractors, pax steps, baggage loaders. We also supply Factory New water and lavatory carts and aircraft de-icers. All these products will be listed on our updated website in the coming weeks along with our A320 and B737NG tooling capability lists.

News : 06-06-2015

Wolfe are pleased to announce the arrival of the latest GE Druck Pitot Static test set Models : ADTS542F & ADTS552F to our complete range of GE products. Wolfe have been an authorised re-seller of GE Druck aircraft test equipment for many years and offer all the benefits associated with purchasing a Factory New unit. Full Calibration certificate and 2 year OEM warranty as standard plus full back up technical/product support and re-calibration service. 2014 was a successful year for the Wolfe/GE Druck partnership having increased sales on Air Data Testers ADTS405F, ADTS505 together with Pitot Static testers ADTS205 and ADTS206.

Other documents:- ADTS552, ADTS552F, ADTS553, ADTS554 and ADTS505 Option-A

News : 13-08-2014

Wolfe are pleased to announce we are a re-seller for Luminance Meters LS-100 and LS-110 including all associated Lens and accessories.

What the manufactures says :
"The handheld LS-100 luminance meter offers excellence and categorization in the upper levels of the DIN quality class B which places them among the best in the market. This meter is powered by a 9-volt battery making this compact, lightweight luminance meter ideal for any location.

The LS-100 luminance meter features a single reflex lens (SLR) optical system allowing for precise targeting while ensuring that the viewfinder displays the area to be measured regardless of distance. This series is capable of measuring a vast range of sizes beginning at diameters of 0.4mm. The LS series is very user friendly for everyone from novices to the experienced.

A brilliant LCD screen and viewfinder displays the measured luminance value enabling the user to manage the measured object without moving the device form the eye. For measurements from strong light sources, a neutral density filtered eyepiece is included. There is also a pistol grip for a stable hold.

The LS-100 luminance meter starts at a range of 0.001cd/m2 enabling the device to measure exceptionally dark surfaces. User calibration and color corrections functions are included in this device allowing a user to choose standard luminance as well as the function that corrects differences from specific light sources along with the ability to set measurement values: luminance ratio, instantaneous luminance, and peak luminance. The LS-100 can be connected to a personal computer for the exchange of data and control signals".

News : 02-02-2014

Wolfe have now added COMPARATOR - ILLUMINATION, SELF-POWERED LIGHTING. MODELS : DB45-B1, DB45-B2, DB45-B3 , DB45-B4, DB45-B5, DB45-B6 and DB45-B7 to our range of products.

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